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Kitchen Waste Truck(National V standard)

QDT5080TCAA5 Kitchen Waste Truck
Kitchen waste truck is mainly used for collection and transportation of leftovers (kitchen waste) in the hotel, restaurant and canteen. The carriage body is made of stainless steel with volume of 4.5m3 and 8m3, and tonnage of 3t, 5t and 8t. With the following characteristics:
1.  Fully closed transportation is adopted for the complete vehicle, so as to ensure no peculiar smell is produced during transportation; the intensified sealing strip is adopted for the back door seal, so as to avoid secondary pollution during transportation; 
2.  the back door and hoisting frame oil cylinder are respectively installed with explosion-proof valves to avoid danger caused by the back door or hoisting frame’s sudden fall when the oil pipe bursts;
3.  the operation control platform of complete vehicle is set with emergency stop button to ensure that the installation can be stopped at any time during operation, thus to ensure the safety; 
4.  interlock control is adopted between the rotatable frame and head cover, so as to ensure that the head cover is opened when the bucket is lifted;
5.  interlock control is adopted for back door opening and locking action, so as to ensure the safety of the installation structural member;
6. Assembly type standard plastic dustbin rotatable frame is adopted to facilitate disassembly and maintenance, and the body, back door, push shovel and other key components are made of stainless steel materials;
7. The truck is equipped with stainless steel water tank and high pressure cleaning system, with high power, large torque and high output water pressure, which are used to clean the vehicle; 
8. The totally closed structure is adopted for the feed port to avoid waste spillover when feeding, and the fold structure is adopted for the feed channel, so as to avoid any leakage when lifting and dumping the liquid waste;
9. The electronic control system is set with interlocking protection, and the imported control handle and sensor are used for electrical control component, so as to ensure the reliability of system operation;
10. The hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic oil tank, oil pump, hydraulic control valve bank, oil cylinder, oil motor and hydraulic pipeline, etc., and the key components are the well-known brands at home and abroad.
Description Technical Parameters
Chassis model BJ1089VEJEA-F3
Engine model ISF3.8s5141
Fuel oil and emission standard Diesel oil, national V emission standard
Rated power (kw) 105
Maximum speed (Km/h) 110
Wheel base (mm) 3360
Dimension (L mm x W mm x H mm) 5815X2060X2600
Total mass (kg) 8280
Kerb mass (kg) 5260
Rated load (kg) 2825
Tire specification 7.50R16
Approach/departure angle (°) 22/18
Effective volume of carriage body (m3) 4.5
Solution tank capacity (L) 180
Recovery tank capacity (L) 360
High pressure cleaning water flow (L/min) 9.83
Operation mode Electronic control + manual control
One-time operating time of rotatable frame (s) ≤25
Waste discharge time (s) ≤30
Barrel hanging way 120L+240L standard plastic dustbin
Discharging mode Push plate discharging and auger delivery device discharging
High pressure cleaning system High pressure flushing pump and hand-hold cleaning water gun of famous brand
Key components Oil pump and control module of famous brand are adopted