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Compression Refuse Collector(National V standard)

Compression Refuse Collector(National V standard)

QDT5080ZYSH5 the Fifth Generation of Compression Refuse Col...

As the new series product (the Fifth Generation) of our company, this type of compression refuse collector is refitted from type II chassis and is used for recycling and cleaning of urban and street refuses. The collector is featured by large carrying capacity, reliable quality, advanced features and low operating cost, etc. With an arc structure appearance and high tensile steel plate carriage body, this collector adopts full-sealing transportation; and various types of waste collection devices can be selected for the rear, the body volume covers 6m3, 8m3, 10m3, 12m3, 14m3, 16m3 and 20m3, and the tonnage covers 3t, 5t, 8t, 10t, 12t and 16t, etc. This product has the following advantages:
1. With gracefully shaped arc carriage body, low wind resistance and convenient washing, it reduces 5% of the dead weight and effectively reduces the fuel consumption;
2. the high tensile wear plate can bear the repeated impact friction during waste compacting, thus increasing the service life of the compression refuse collector;
3. strong compressing mechanism, guide rail and other key components adopt the machining parts, with high quality of fit, low running resistance and smooth operation, improving 64% of the compression lifting power under the same pressure;
4. the action of compression loading mechanism is switched via the induction of sensor, which is stable and reliable and has obvious energy-saving effect;
5. dual-pump dual-circuit system is adopted (6m3 and 8m3 excluded), which reduces the energy loss (reduce 15KW of power loss compared with single pump system) and lengthens the service life of hydraulic system;
6. electronic control and manual control are used for the control system with manual auxiliary operation, flexible and easy;
7. the compression loading mechanism is set with single cycle and automatic continuous cycle, and the system is equipped with multiple safety protection devices and electric stuck material reverse function, to avoid accidental damage to the compressing mechanism;
8. the rear precompressor is set with lifting unloading automatic cleaning function, which facilitates the use;
9. engine automatic acceleration and constant speed device is equipped to improve the waste collection efficiency and reduce fuel consumption;
10. it is also equipped with folding sealed rear cover, which facilitates the opening and closing and realizes full-sealing transportation of waste;
11. the new sewage seal structure completely solves the secondary pollution problems such as sewage leakage during waste collection and transportation.

Chassis model HFC1081P91K1C5ZV
Engine model/power WP3Q130E50/96kw
Fuel type and emission standard Diesel oil, GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 National V standard
Rated loading mass 1885
Kerb mass (kg) 6200
Total mass 8280
Maximum speed (Km/h) 100
Tire specification 7.50-16 (selected based on the announcement)
Dimension (L x W x H) 6640×2160×2450
Front suspension/ rear suspension (mm) 1085/1890
Approach/departure angle (°) 24/17
Wheel base 3365
Effective waste tank volume 6.5
Precompressor volume 0.6
Rated pressure of hydraulic system (Mpa) 16.5
Waste compacting density (kg/m3) 600-800
Ground clearance of lower edge of feeding port About 880
One-time working cycle time of compressing mechanism 25
Time of waste unloading 40
Recovery tank capacity 200
Turning quality of  manipulator (kg) ≥600
Turning type of manipulator (optional) 300L barrel manipulator
24OL drum manipulator
Dustpan hopper collection device