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  • Chairman
    Ji Aishi

    Brief resume:CCP member, NPC member of Qingdao, Senior Economist and Engineer. 1...

  • President
    Ji Jianyi

    Brief resume:December 2006 - December 2008 Director of Work Department of Qingte...

  • Vice President
    Vice President
    Ji Yichun金沙js2015

    Brief resume: 1984.3-1989.9 - Qingte Group Co., Ltd. Employee 1989.9-1990.4 - ...

  • 澳门金沙4166am-官网
    Vice President
    Hu Junji

    Brief resume: CCP Member, joined the company in June 1983Successive Workshop Dir...

  • Vice President澳门金沙4166am-官网
    Vice President
    Sun Jian

    Brief resume: Graduated from Nankai University, with Master of Business Administ...